Toddler Fall Outfits

Stella had her first solo photoshoot the other day and it was so much fun! We met up with two amazing photographers local to the Portland, Oregon area, and had a quick mini session with their adorable Halloween set complete with pumpkins and other spooky goodies (at one point we even got to snuggle the sweetest Scottish Fold kitten)! If you are local, they are booking up quickly for these special seasonal shoots so contact them ASAP to book your shoot while there’s still openings! These mini shoots are extra fun because they’re quick and easy and very affordable.

Click the links below to check out their work and for contact info:

Karisa - Karisa Williams Photogprahy //

Hannah - Top Knots Photography

Since it’s still August and Halloween is a ways off, I thought it most appropriate to pick up a few outfits that I knew Stella could wear in the weeks leading up to the holiday without being full on costumes. Of course we added in some festive flair like these cute sparkly cat ears!

Kids Halloween Outfit ideas, Halloween Costumes, Fall Fashion, Back to School Style by Julianne
Kids Fall Outfit Ideas, Stylish Toddler Outfits, Back to School, Fall Fashion, Halloween Costumes, Style by Julianne
Toddler Fall Outfits, Fall Fashion, Back to School, Kids Halloween Costumes, Style by Julianne
Toddler Fall Outfit Ideas, Back to School Fashion, Kids Outfits, Halloween Costume Ideas, Style by Julianne
Fall Fashion for Toddlers and Kids! Back to School Outfit Ideas, Halloween Outfits, Style by Julianne

Stella’s Outfit Details:

Shopping for Babies and Toddlers: Quick Tips

  1. Intentionally Shop

When I’m shopping for clothes for myself or Stella, I only shop with intention. What I mean by this is that I take steps to prepare and plan before heading out the door to inventory what we already have, what we need to stock up on and items we might need for events or other special pieces (ie: Halloween pieces for this shoot).

2. Create Outfits in Store

After we get to the retail store of choice, with the items in mind that I need I will find things that catch my eye and then create outfits. I like to create 3-4 outfits (either physically in store, or using items I know we have at home). This way we are purchasing things we will get lots of wear out of and spending money intentionally and I tend not to splurge on unnecessary items, or go over the top buying things we already own in excess.

3. Double Check Sizing

Another good tip when shopping for babies or toddlers is to check sizing. Think about when your kiddo will be wearing the items and then estimate what size they will be by the time they’ll be wearing the pieces. I actually sized up in most of the fall and Halloween items I got for Stella since I knew it would be a couple months before she wears them, and she has been growing like a weed lately. I wanted to make sure cost per wear is low as they are seasonal pieces and I want to be able to use them as long as the weather permits!

I gathered up some other amazing toddler fall fashion finds and grouped them into style boards for easy shopping! I bought a lot of this stuff too, I have absolutely ZERO self control when it comes to teeny tiny clothes.

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Pretty Pink Pastels and Mustard

Toddler Fall Outfit Ideas, Back to School Outfits, Fashion for Kids and Babies, Halloween Costume ideas Style by Julianne

Edgy Animal Print and Cargo

Toddler Fall Outfit Ideas, Kids Halloween Costume ideas, Fall Fashion for kids and babies, Style by Julianne

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