Lunch at Ways & Means Oyster House!

Listen up Portland, Oregon friends! This post is for you! I have been trying to incorporate more lifestyle content into my blog and what better way to start than with a quick recap of my visit to Ways & Means Oyster House at Bridgeport Shopping Center.

I got the opportunity to dine at Ways & Means Oyster House in Tigard this week. I had never been before but it is one of those places I had walked by a few times and been curious about and meaning to try, so when I got the chance to sneak away for lunch with my friend during a work day I couldn’t have been more excited for the break, and to try a new (to me) place.

I know that not everyone likes oysters, but if you do, ask your server to bring you an assortment of oysters. Be sure to try my favorite, the Amethyst which has a mineral-y taste and is amazing! There is a lot to choose from on the menu for those of you who don’t enjoy seafood like I do. My friend, Krysta got a delicious Caesar salad and some fries to rival all fries!

I had my server help me order so I could try the best items on the menu! I dug into a shrimp taco which I am still dreaming about, the shrimp were friend and crispy with a spicy mango slaw, SO good. Make sure to order at least three though, I’m regretting that I only had one! I got the lobster roll as well, which was so big it could have served as my whole meal, definitely worth trying.
One thing that Ways & Means does extraordinarily well is bringing a little flavor from the East Coast to our side of the country, while maintaining a feel for the casual West Coast vibes. I was really digging the atmosphere and I thought it was fun that they had some nods to the East Coast with posters and decor but kept it very beach-y and casual. I felt like I was on the coast in California!

Ways & Means Lunch: Style by Julianne
Style by Julianne Ways & Means Review
Ways & Means Oyster Spread Style by Julianne
Style by Julianne Ways & Means Happy Hour on the Patio

We had so much fun on their patio , it was one of those fall days that was crisp, but the sun was out and it was absolutely beautiful! The decor is casual, comfortable and minimal with red and blue accents, very nautical. They even have “happy lights” that diffuse vitamin D for those cloudy seasons that we know and love here. We tried the happy lights, not sure if it was the food, drinks, or extra Vitamin D but I was definitely feeling happy out here on their patio!

Ways & Means Happy Hour: Style by Julianne 2018

Overall I was blown away by the amazing service from the server, bartender and my new friend Aaron who seems to have the most important job of managing restaurant openings and upholding standards of the company, I have to come back ASAP to enjoy a glass of the Ways & Means Cab on their patio for happy hour! I am also excited to experience their brunch offerings one of these days, (hey Portland blogger babes is it time for another get together?!) It is clear that Ways & Means values quality, fresh ingredients, a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and a knowledgeable and hospitable staff! Definitely a place you can bring the whole family for lunch, the bridal party (they even have a private room), or your date for some oysters and a quick night cap after your movie. I’ll be back in a few days, if you happen to see me there eating a shrimp taco on the patio, say hey!