Easter at Edgefield

For as long as I can remember, since I was little and participating in the Easter egg hunts, my family has gone to brunch for Easter in Troutdale at the Edgefield McMenamins. It's always so much fun, I feel like there's always something new to discover each year as this particular location is rather large and has a lot of really interesting history that is documented all over the hotel. There are many different small bars, a cute spa, golf course, distillery, and wine cellar, amongst many other interesting places to explore. I love this place, and it is one of my favorite annual traditions that my family partakes in! 


This year my sister and her boyfriend are doing a McMenamins tour, where they get different stamps in a cute little passport at each McMenamins location around Oregon, there are fun riddles to solve and sometimes small prizes depending on the location. We spent our day helping them gather stamps while we explored the hotel and had so much fun doing it! 

This was one of the cute little "sheds" that had a bar inside! They're all over the hotel property!

This particular bar/shed was in the Ruby spa and had some amazing sounding tea infused drinks. Unfortunately this prego couldn't enjoy any of the drinks, my sister got a special ginger vodka drink that sounded amazing! I'll have to go back and try one once I can drink again. 

I really wanted to wear white pants today, but I don't own a maternity option so I squeezed myself into some pre-pregnancy pants and had to leave them unbuttoned throughout the day! I used a hair tie to keep them fastened, but I definitely made sure my shirt was long enough to cover since it looked quite hilarious! What can I say? I was REALLY desperate to wear white jeans! My family thought it was amusing, I was just proud that I found a way to wear what I wanted and still be comfortable haha! Outfit details are linked at the bottom of the post, some of the items are old, but I linked lots of similar items for you all to check out! 


Thanks for reading! I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend, I'd love to hear about your favorite Easter traditions, let me know in the comments below!



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