Caseapp Custom Covers!

White Marble


As a blogger I use technology basically 24/7. When my phone sporadically shut down a couple weeks ago and decided to not turn back on, I was in an information blackout for almost 24 hours as my wifi also decided to take a dump that day! I have to say it was nice to have a little break, intentional or not! 

So I placed my order for a new android phone, yes android. I know I'm a minority, but I don't care! I love having google as a cellular provider, and believe it or not, android has a much more robust operating system and is very user friendly! Plus the phone I'm getting has the best camera of any phone on the market right now, including the iphone, so perfect for someone who documents their life like me! Unfortunately this gem will be taking just about a month to arrive, so I've resorted back to my old iphone 6 while I wait. I wanted to take all of the necessary precautions to make sure that my backup phone didn't also get damaged because I literally would have nothing else to use until my new phone gets here! It was almost fate that Caseapp came into my life when they did. Not only are their products super durable and keep your phone nice and safe, you are able to customize it to your liking with a variety of cases you can choose from on their site, you can also upload your own images and text to use on your case! So cute! Check out their cases cases HERE! Use the code: STYLEBYJULIANNE20 for 20% off!

I'm using my phone primarily for my business so I decided to customize it with my blog name and some basic white marble (I know, I know, I couldn't help myself). I got the matching laptop skin, and with my new marble business cards in hand I couldn't be more basic! All jokes aside, they turned out beautifully and not pixel-y at all. They fit my devices like a glove and look SO good! I love having everything coordinate and I love the peace of mind knowing my phone can't easily be broken in my clumsy hands!

Marble iphone case
Marble Laptop Case


Now for the fun part! If you want to win a custom case or skin of your own, enter the giveaway with these simple rules:

1)  Follow @caseapp and @stylebyjulianne on Instagram

2)  Comment on THIS image on my Instagram what item you'd like to win and tag a real friend who might be interested as well! You can tag as many friends as you like, please comment them each individually and they'll each count as an entry as long as you follow all the other rules of this giveaway!

3)  Comment at the end of this post letting me know you entered the giveaway for an additional entry (optional)!

4)  I will choose ONE winner randomly and send you a code to choose any free item from the Caseapp website! 


The giveaway is international so anyone can enter! You have until November 17th to enter.



The coffee spill was unintentional, buuuuut I thought it looked cool haha!

The coffee spill was unintentional, buuuuut I thought it looked cool haha!