My Riverfront Apartment Living Room Decor

It was definitely just as difficult to photograph my space as I thought it would be. A room never looks the same in a photograph as it does in real life and I struggled with that in these photos. I feel like it looks ten times better in real life, which is why I could only choose a few photos for this post. 

Since I'll be moving in just a couple weeks I figured its time to document this apartment before I pack everything up. This is by FAR my favorite place we've lived since Dustin and I have been together. We've moved a total of 6 times in the 6 years we've been together, we thought this would be our home base for at least two years but alas our yearly thanksgiving tradition has decided to continue with another move this year. See, we didn't know we were pregnant at the time when we moved into this apartment and now that Stella is here we've quickly outgrown our digs. Also now that we're down to just one income, we would like to decrease our cost of living to something a little more realistic for apartment living and continue saving for our dream home! Either way, I had fun buying all new furniture for this place when we moved in a year ago. I like to say I finally got my "grown up furniture". No more Ikea show room home for me! 

I bought all of this furniture to fit perfectly in this space and I'm hoping it translates as well in our new place, I can't wait to show you more decor posts after we move! I have plans to overhaul our master bedroom and of course Stella will eventually have her own room which will be a super fun project to document! 

Living Room With a View


This couch. I LOVE this couch so much! We originally left Crate and Barrel with a smaller more Mid Century Modern style, tufted couch originally. After sitting (uncomfortably) on it for a few months we decided it just wasn't going to work out for my pregnant self who needed something much more comfortable for lounging. Cue the Lounge II couch! It is soooo deep, perfect for prego naps, and also now for nursing comfortably and cuddling with my little babe. The fabric is super cleanable and durable for family wear and tear, and the neutral color goes with everything! We got the matching chair in a grey leather for a little textural contrast. The lamp we got for this room has got to be one of my favorite pieces that we own. We had some troubles with the first two that we got before we realized it was actually the electrical outlet that we we're plugging it into that was burning it out. Third time is the charm, and I'm so happy I didn't have to settle for a different lamp. This one has a dimmer and is on a beautiful marble base. 

Also I wish I could show you how small that Fiddle Leaf Fig tree was when we first moved in. I'm pretty sure it had two total leaves and didn't even come up to the windowsill. This apartment is like a greenhouse, it helps me pretend I have a green thumb, my plants thrive here! 

French Bistro Chairs Serena and Lily

TABLE // CHAIRS // PLACE MATS (similar) // RUG (similar)

I got these chairs before I moved in. Another blogger I follow had the same style in barstool form and although they are not my usual style, something drew me to them and I couldn't get them off my mind. As soon as they went on sale I scooped them up, and I have to say it was the greatest decision I could have made for kitchen chairs... they are so comfortable! And they look so chic. I couldn't be happier! 

I wanted a round white marble table, but had to compromise with Dustin for this more traditional one, which I have grown to love and it does go really well with the bistro chairs! I will get my marble table someday, though!

French Riviera Table

This Orchid is another example of a flourishing plant that I somehow brought back from the dead. I don't even know how it happened, no one I've ever known has been able to re-grow an orchid and this one is blooming for the second time this year now... I can't complain!

Dried Hydrangeas Living Room Decor


Fun fact: my mom comes over a few times a week and brings me flowers! She brought over fresh hydrangeas a few weeks ago and I dried them so they'd last through fall and winter. They're so beautiful and the colors preserved perfectly! 

I hope you all enjoyed a sneak peek of my living room! I'm excited to post the progress on my new place when we move in and begin to decorate and get settled. Keep an eye out on Instagram stories for moving updates and decor progress!