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Life Update: House Hunting, My Miscarriage & New Fitness Routine

It has been far too long since I’ve sat down to write a “feelings” post, or even just share whats going on in my life. It’s hard to really get across every little detail in Instagram stories, and if you’re new around here (hi, welcome), I like to share…

Amazon Spring Try-On Haul!

Amazon has been my favorite place to shop for clothes recently! The prices are great, and with Prime I can get my items in 2 days with free shipping and returns! I’ve been sharing a ton of cute Amazon pieces in my…

Easter Dresses For Every Price Point

We’re one week into April and Easter is fast approaching! I realized this morning that I still have yet to pick up an outfit for Easter Sunday, every year we go to brunch at…

The Perfect Lace Kimono Outfit

Today Dustin and I got to enjoy a few blissful kid-free hours to run all over town doing boring grown-up stuff like going to the post office, picking up toilet paper from Costco and finally getting some returns done that had been sitting in the car for a week. It felt nice to…

4 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement!

I am by no means an Instagram expert. I too struggle with engagement, the algorithm stifling my reach and losing followers frequently. I get countless DM’s every week from bloggers just starting out asking…

Four Casual Outfits + My Target Fashion Favorites!

Your girl is a fan of affordable fashion, I’m sure you know this by now. Target has been a go-to of mine lately and I decided it would be convenient to round up some of my favorite Target pieces from outfits…

The Scary Truth About Dry Shampoo

Lately dry shampoo has been a trending subject. There isn’t a reputable hair care brand that doesn’t sell their own version of dry shampoo and lots of bloggers have been jumping on the…

Spring Skincare Routine

I tend to change up my routine every few months as the weather changes, this season as it is getting warmer my skin is finally a little happier than it has been the past few (cold) months. I tend to get super dry during the winter so…

Mom Guilt

I never understood mom guilt until I had Stella and it hit me square in the face when I had to leave her with my parents for the day to look at cars with Dustin, she was three months old and it was the…

Salishan Resort: Photo Diary and Review

First impressions, Salishan is beautiful. I’m not saying this lightly either, the expansive golf course surrounding the resort is stunning and the whole place is nestled back into the woods creating…


Save vs. Splurge Spring Bags & Shoes!

Save vs. Splurge Spring Bags & Shoes!

My Favorite Affordable Ripped Jeans

My Favorite Affordable Ripped Jeans

The Best Versatile LBD

The Best Versatile LBD

Is Natural Deodorant Better? My Review Of Four Different Brands

What is all this hype about natural deodorant? Is aluminum in deodorant as bad as people claim? Does natural deodorant really work? These are all questions that I had prior to…

My Beauty Favorites:

5 Easy Ways to Support Your Friend Who Blogs!

I’ve realized after having my blog for almost four years, that I have some pretty awesome friends who know how to help me succeed and love to…

Our Blogger Trip: Pink Drink Recipe + Outfit Details

I have never gotten more DM’s about a drink than I did this weekend after posting my neon pink Starbucks drink, and I decided since…



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