Welcome back you guys! 

The site has only been off-line for about a week... it felt like the longest week EVER, but also the shortest week too as we've been working late nights perfecting the new look and planning new and amazing content for you all! I hope you are as excited to see what we have in store for you as we are to create and share it! 

Now you may be curious why we decided to do this big re-launch. I figured I'd explain that in this post. 

A couple years ago I launched this site as a fun and creative side project to work on while I also worked full time at Nordstrom. I branded my website as me, "Julianne Robinson." As the year passed I posted sporadically here and there and also tentatively Instagrammed here and there to go along with my blog posts. Fast forward to about a year ago... I had just found out I was pregnant with my now 6 month old daughter, Stella and I knew that at the time I had to figure out a way to be able to stay home with her once she was born. I had worked my way up into a career position at Nordstrom and was only continuing upward momentum which I, as a workaholic, am quite addicted to that game and I knew if I didn't get out quick I'd get stuck permanently. I decided to throw myself full time into blogging as well as working my day to day job, and by the time I was 6 months pregnant I was ready to quit my job at Nordstrom and officially pursue blogging as my career. At the time I wasn't making money blogging, but I knew it was to the point that I would be able to make something of it if I had the chance to put in the extra effort that I felt I was wasting elsewhere, and blogging was my passion so I left my job to blog and be a mom! Best. Feeling. Ever. 

Around this time I dove head first into Instagram and I re-branded myself as what you know me as now, "Style by Julianne." I didn't officially re-launch at this time, but I did really put a lot of energy into growing my Instagram and creating a network of amazing friends and an audience for my content, which felt great! There is nothing more exciting than effectively marketing yourself and having people genuinely love the content that you've spend so much time (and money) on. 

Fast forward to about 6 months later, it's around Christmas time at the end of 2017 and Instagram has been changing. This has been happening for a while now, but it is to the point that many content creators are so frustrated with the algorithm changes which seem to work in favor for paying customers, or those who already have a huge online presence. Even bloggers with a few hundred thousand followers were posting things like "are you seeing my posts in your feed?" and begging for their followers to "turn on post notifications" or "please, like and comment on my pictures." It started to get really depressing and feel very bleak. Instagram really just stopped showing content to followers who weren't interacting with the content. So, whether or not YOU actually like a picture, unless you hit "like" Instagram will assume you don't care to see any of that creators content in your feed, and essentially hide it from you. Numbers started dropping, bloggers became desperate and began over-using tactics like paying into loop giveaways and follow/un-follow trying to regain the followers that they were losing so quickly. 

I decided this was NOT for me. I was spending countless hours at night editing pictures and researching hashtags while spinning on this stupid hamster wheel of Instagram, where it felt no matter how much time I put in, or how AMAZING and curated my feed was, no one cared. Interaction from my followers was still dropping, I wasn't gaining any exposure and I also was neglecting the one part of my business that I actually OWN and have FULL control over.... my blog.

I am in some amazing chat groups with some super inspiring ladies who are fellow content creators locally and from all over the US. It was clear that many of us felt this way, Instagram is tanking for creators and it's not sinking slowly by any means. As scary as that is for some people who have made it their livelihood, I am lucky enough to have my blog as a platform to share on as well, and as long as I continue paying for my domain, this thing isn't going anywhere any time soon! 

So, here we are today. I'm not fully giving up any of my social networks, I am just going to use them as they are named, to network. Instagram is not a blog and I don't feel comfortable spending so much of my precious time and energy on content just to upload it to someone else's website, thus giving them the rights to my work and my namesake. Nu uh, no more! As of now my primary focus will be my blog effort and driving traffic here through other methods of marketing! I plan to use Instagram too, you just may notice a little less from me on that platform and a little more from me elsewhere. It's just a necessary shift that has to happen for my brand and for my sanity.

So welcome back to Style by Julianne! If you are not subscribed, make sure you sign up at the bottom of this page, I am always happy to see new faces on the email list! If not, make sure you check back weekly for new content. My schedule thus far is to have one new post up every week! As I work around my schedule of being a new mom I will be playing it by ear which day will be my day to post, but I will make sure to let you all know so even if you are not subscribed, you can expect to return on a specific day to see the new content.

I'd love to hear from you all in the comments below what kind of content you'd like to see me include in upcoming posts! More beauty? Youtube videos? Reviews? Sound off below! 

Once again,

thanks for reading!



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