Life Update: My Self-Tan and Breakfast at Tiffany's!

It’s Friday afternoon and almost 90 degree outside here in Portland! I think we full on skipped over Spring and went straight to Summer. I just went for a long walk and phew! It’s HOT!

This week in particular has been fun, and full and busy. I hate when people make excuses for not sticking to timelines or goals, but truly I have been SO busy, I missed my Wednesday post this week and barely got this post up here in time for the weekend! Honestly, I wasn’t even going to write a Friday post, but I’ve been getting lots of messages and questions on Instagram and I thought it would be best to answer them all on here as a permanent reference!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I went to a couple amazing events this week, the first being a Tiffany and Co. event for customer appreciation, there was champs a flowin’ and I got to meet up with all of my friends and try on some amazing jewelry, we even convinced a security guard to go outside with us to do an impromptu photoshoot with the jewels! Here are some photos from the event, I also added videos from the day onto my “Event's” highlight on my Instagram! Dress and other outfit details linked in the carousel below! This dress was a last minute find under $50! It comes in a ton of other cute prints too, TTS.

Tiffany and Co.
Blogger Breakfast at Tiffany & Co
Blogger Friends Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tiffany's Jewelry and Blogger Event
The Best Affordable Floral Wrap Dress For Spring Event!

The Best Self-Tan Routine

I’m going to be doing a full post on my self tan, but after the Tiffany’s event I got more messages than EVER about what kind of self-tan products I use! I have been using Tanceuticals for YEARS, but I recently upgraded to using the “Dark” color because, girl, I am PALE. So first I use their exfoliator, (it also works really well to remove your tan when it starts to fade), it’s not available to link but you can really use anything to exfoliate! After exfoliating, I’ll use the Tanceuticals lotion all over, I get the special face one, also in the color “Dark.” I like to let the tan develop overnight and then rinse off in the morning and here is where my secret weapon comes in! Right before I leave for an event I will really amplify the tan on my legs and arms by using a “leg makeup.” My current (and super affordable) favorite is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, I use the color “Medium Glow.” This stuff is amazing because it is water resistant, meaning you won’t sweat it off, and it has a teeny little but of shimmer so it looks great in photographs, on top of amplifying your tan and covering up imperfections!

Lancome Absolue Event

This was hands down one of the most well thought out and beautiful blogger events I have ever been to! Lancome really pulled out all of the stops for us, and it was such an honor to be included as they hand picked only a select few Portland bloggers to attend, no plus ones allowed! My good friend Gia was also invited so we went together and we barely made it into the event on time since the second we walked in the hotel it was phones up to insta story the whole beautiful venue! I had never been to the Hi-Lo hotel in downtown Portland before but I am already planning to go back to shoot some photos and explore. It was beautiful! Marble floors, mid-century light fixtures, blush pink accents and dark green velvet. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Inside the event space we got to learn all about Lancome as a company as well as their color matching technology and a new Monsieur Big Mascara. They had heart shaped macarons and blueberry mimosas, not to mention all of the beautiful wall decorations that were just begging for us to stop at take a picture at every step.

They have an amazing offer for you all too! If you take a screenshot of this blog post or any of the photos I share from the event on social media, you’ll get an amazing gift with purchase at any Macy’s Lancome counter!

It was hard to narrow down the photos but here are some of my favs, all outfit details are in the carousel below! I wore my favorite under $100 espadrilles that you’ll see on repeat all Spring and Summer, I could LIVE in them they’re so comfortable. They run TTS!

Food Buffet Provided by Lancome!
Rose Flower Arrangement Flatlay
Flower Wall Floral Romper and Bamboo Bag
How to Take The Perfect Mirror Pic Blogger Style
Floral Romper and Blush Blazer Outfit
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
Eyelet Dress outfit and Floral Romper with Blush Blazer Outfit

If you made it this far, thank you SO much for reading my ramblings, hopefully this wasn’t the most boring post in the world! I’m planning a lot of fun moving related posts and home decor content coming up soon since we move in just TWO. WEEKS. I can’t believe it.