Toddler Room Decor!

House Frame Floor Bed Toddler Girl's Room
Pink Star Pillow
Lorena Canals Aztec Rug
Lorena Canals Blush Tassel Basket
Lorena Canals Washable Pillows
Toddler Girl's Room

I knew when we moved into our new house that my first priority would be to set up Stella’s new room. I’ve heard that anxiety with big life changes can be common in kids and I wanted her transition to the new house to be comfortable, and seamless. I really hyped up this space to her too so she was so excited about her new room, especially once we got the keys to the house and started putting her whole space together! Needless to say, it was an easier transition than if we had waited to unpack and put her room together after we had moved in. I started planning weeks in advance and I quickly realized my vision once I found the wallpaper I wanted to use for her statement wall! I chose the most adorable lemon print wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals as the statement piece for her room and I am so happy with how everything came together around that wall as a focal piece!

See this post for all about Stella’s wallpaper wall

Stella will be two in July and I know within the next year or so we will be transitioning her to her big girl bed so a frame, mattress and bedding was a definite priority. Plus we needed somewhere for before bedtime stories! I knew I wanted a floor bed for safety reasons, plus I had seen this cute house frame bed all over Pinterest so I went on the hunt for the site with the best reviews, cue Ruby & Rye! Not only are her beds affordable and adorable, they come with numbered pieces and easy directions for assembly! I ordered a memory foam mattress from Amazon, it was super affordable and is seriously more comfortably than my own mattress. Not gonna lie, I might actually order one for my room as well!

Speaking of the big girl bed.. I HAVE to mention this adorable bedding from Beddy’s Beds! This “sheet set'‘ is not your typical bedding because it is all attached and has a zipper for littles to be able to make their bed easily! Not to mention it stays put when you aren’t using your bed for sleep. We often sit on her floor bed and read books or play. These sheets won’t budge as long as they are zipped up, and how freaking cute are the ruffles?! The color we got is chic white and I am in love with the vintage/shabby chic vibe! Inside you can opt for a “minky” which is a super soft blanket that is attached to the sheet which means you won’t even need additional blankets if it’s a little cold. I am obsessed with this bedding and I’m already considering ordering the pink set for backup and laundry days!

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this rug since I shared it on Instagram. It’s a piece I’ve been eyeing since before Stella was born. As soon as I found out it was washable it was a no brainer that I needed it in Stella’s toddler room! Plus it matches her wallpaper wall PERFECTLY. I chose a few other cute pieces from Lorena Canals that fit the theme perfectly. I’m especially loving this tassel basket that we use for stuffed animal storage, and these cute washable pillows! Stella requests to have them in her crib with her every night.

I had plans to find the perfect dresser and get some floating bookshelves hung but I’m still looking for the perfect pieces for her space. I’ll definitely update when I find them!

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