Fall Front Porch Decor

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Front Porch Decor For Fall and Halloween!

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Since moving into our first home a few months ago, decorating has been on the forefront for every occasion possible. Living in an apartment for so long, I feel I’ve been deprived of the opportunity to decorate seasonally since we didn’t have much extra space indoors or a traditional front door area (not to mention the lack of storage space to keep decorations during off seasons). The fall front porch has been something I’ve seen all over Pinterest and Instagram for a few years now and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to finally be able to not only create my own but share it with you all! I’m including a few super easy DIY ideas as well since I had to improvise in areas I wasn’t able to purchase the items I had in mind.

Fall Front Door - Wreath
I wanted to create a space that Stella would be excited about but that I could also keep through Halloween since this will be our first time having trick-or-treaters! This setup could also stay through Thanksgiving with some minor tweaks. The stacked pumpkin statue to the right of my door inspired the whole look and feel of this space! Check out all of the other amazing seasonal decor that Wayfair has to offer, HERE!
Fall Decor - Wreath

I couldn’t find my over the door wreath hook from last year so I found a temporary fix by using a removable Command hook! Easy peasy. Find my wreath linked on the shop page of my blog!

Front Porch Fall Decor - Mums in a Bucket

This little black and white striped pumpkin was such an easy DIY! I saw a similar designer brand pumpkin that was upwards of $100 and obviously I’m not going to spend that on such a temporary piece, so I decided to make my own! I got some acrylic paint (black and gold), and a faux white pumpkin, and freehanded some striped with a $1 foam brush from the craft store! Easiest DIY ever. If you want your lines to be more perfect just use some painters tape!

Fall Front Door Decorations for Halloween

This cute little gold polka dot pumpkin was another fun DIY. I had bought some gold polka dot peel and stick wallpaper off of Amazon for Stella’s room but never really found a good place for it. I wanted a polka dot pumpkin but was stumped on how to paint perfect circles on a pumpkin when I remembered that I had these cute little dots stashed in my coat closet. They gave just the effect I was hoping for and were easy to place. Just make sure you move slow and stretch each dot as you are placing it on the pumpkin to minimize bubbles. I would start at one edge and slowly stick the sticker on in a rolling motion and use a scraper to get all of the little bubbles out (you can see a few in the picture below, this was before scraping) when it was fully placed and stuck down.

Pumpkin Decorating DIY - White with Gold Polka Dots
Halloween Front Porch Decor DIY
This stacked pumpkin statue is so fun because it is actually HUGE in real-life! It also lights up and is weatherproof so you can safely keep it outside. I'm going to use it year after year! Stella loves it so much and it will be a fun statement piece for Halloween. I do wish these little mums were slightly more full to fit these buckets, I found them on sale and despite the size, I couldn't pass them up for the price!
Fall Front Porch Decor - Orange and White Pumpkins
Fall Front Porch Decor - Orange Mums in Bucket
These metal buckets are a fun touch and add a little farmhouse feel. I wanted it to feel fun and whimsical with the stripes and polka dots but there's something special about keeping a little tratitional edge with the nod to farmhouse decor.
Halloween Decor Outdoor

Door mat and buffalo check rug are tagged on the shop page of my blog! I plan to re-purpose this buffalo check rug in my laundry room after the season ends! It is machine washable and a really soft material, good for indoor or outdoor use. Plus it’s super affordable and comes in two sizes! I got the larger one.

Halloween Front Door Decor Ideas
Fall Front Door Decor - Fun Pumpkins

I did a mix of real pumpkins and faux pumpkins that I had from previous years. My favorite place to buy faux pumpkins is Michaels and Target! The little one balanced on top actually has a battery operated light up jack-o-lantern face on the other side, I’ll flip it around when it gets closer to Halloween to add more festive flair!

Front Door Decor For Fall - Mums and Pumpkins

I had so much fun decorating our front porch this year! Although I went with more traditional colors, I feel like the fun DIY’s really spiced it up and I am already gathering inspiration for new ideas in coming years! Are you more traditional with your decor, or do you like to think outside the box? Let me know if you end up trying either of these easy DIY’s!

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