Gingham in The Tulip Field

StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival with Stella

I dragged my poor family out in the rain again for another floral photoshoot! This one has also been on my bucket list for a couple years, and this Spring I've finally gotten multiple opportunities to shoot with different photographers at this beautiful location! Located about 30 minutes away from us, these beautiful floral fields take up 40 acres of land in the middle of the nowhere in Woodburn, Oregon. It's amazing being able to live in a metropolitan city and be able to take a quick drive to these magical places. One of the many reasons I love living where I do! I shot with the amazing, talented Portland area photographer Brianna Swan who I've gotten to shoot with a few times now (if you're in the area check her out for family shoots, she is SO amazing) and I love how the shots turn out each time! Ok, ok. On to the pictures because I know that's the main reason you clicked over to this post. I'll start with the outfit details. Do you all like when I put them higher up in the post, or at the bottom? Let me know in the comments! 

StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival Red Truck With Stella
StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival Red Truck
StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival Family Photo
StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival Stella in The Field
StylebyJulianne Tulip Festival Finale

Thanks for reading as always! Happy weekend.