A Spring Outfit and Cotton Candy Trees

I was so desperate to get cherry blossom pictures this year.

Last year I was very pregnant and hoped to snag some maternity shots with the amazing blooming trees, but I never got the opportunity. There is a very small window of time, I'm talking 7ish days that these trees bloom before the petals fall off, and with all of the rain this month I knew it would be an even smaller window. Of course there wasn't one nice day in the forecast in the foreseeable future, but the trees were already blooming to their full potential and even dropping petals already so I knew I had to trek out into the cold and rain to get my pictures if I wanted them at all, and hope for a break in the rain (spoiler: it only rained harder).

Although it was cold and wet, Stella and I had an amazing time with our good friend (and volunteer photographer) Krysta. We drove all the way down to the State Capitol building, almost an hour away from Portland! We even got to stop by and visit the Salem, Oregon Nordstrom store to say goodbye, one day before they shuttered it's doors for good! Here are some of the shots we got. You can tell by my soggy hair that the rain was relentless... I really had to brighten up the exposure to make these pictures look like Spring and not mid-Winter. All of my outfit details are linked below! Enjoy! 

Cherry Blossoms Mama and Baby StyleByJulianne 2018

Necklace: Gorjana, Top: J Crew, Blazer: H&M, Denim: Universal Thread, Shoes: A New Day 

Cherry Blossoms Walking 2018
Cherry Blossoms StylebyJulianne 2018
Cherry Blossoms Baby StylebyJulianne 2018
Cherry Blossoms Sitting StyleByJulianne 2018