Building Your Wardrobe | 10 Basics You Need In Your Closet!

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**DISCLAIMER: The into to this post is long. If you'd like to skip to the actual "10 basics you need in your closet" part of this post, just scroll on down to the first large heading and begin there. OR skip all of the reading and scroll all the way down to watch my VIDEO!**

This series is something I've been wanting to create for some time now and I'm so excited to bring you the first post today! This type of post is a change from my usual content, but will be a useful tool you can return to time and time again, so make sure to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any part of the series, or bookmark this page so you can check back for the next posts if you'd like! 

As this is the first post I'm publishing in the "building your wardrobe" series I wanted to give a little bit of info on what the entire thing is going going to be about. Obviously I love fashion, and the whole idea behind me creating this blog initially was to give you all some insight into the thoughtful decision making behind my personal style and the reasons why I choose to wear what I wear, as well as how I generally put together an outfit based around a specific item (or items). 

Sooo... this series. I've been doing a lot of thinking about the amount of STUFF that I have in my closet. A lot of it I don't wear, let alone even think about and it is just filling up space that I could be using for much more important things, or even just space to BREATHE. I wanted to simplify my life this year and that means getting rid of the extra junk, and having a clean slate, a fresh start to the year and to my life! This series is going to basically chronicle me starting my wardrobe from the ground up... and no, this does not mean I'm throwing everything away and starting from scratch, but I will be more intentional with my purchases and I'm going to be better about buying things that I actually want vs. things that I think others would enjoy seeing on my Instagram. No one wants to see the same sweater on me as they've already seen on 9 trillion other bloggers.

I am going to re-build my wardrobe, starting with items I own, and getting rid of items that don't work, while categorizing things into guides for you all to easily follow along and do the same thing if you wish! Does that make sense? I'm basically pretending I have nothing and then shopping my own closet to decide what I need and don't need, being intentional with what I'm keeping and buying new, and really focusing on items that I love and need vs. items that I'm buying just because I think someone might like to see it in an Instagram post.

JEEEEZ this sounds RAMBLE-Y. If you have Q's leave 'em in the comments. I'm sure this is going to end up confusing AF.

This first article is going to be about the 10 basics you need to make sure you have in your closed that will build the foundation to any wardrobe. These pieces are fundamentals that you can mix and match with anything and create a million outfits with. They are basic items that will never go out of style and pieces that you feel and look amazing wearing. The specific garments I'm showing you are the items that work well for ME. This list is a general guideline to follow, I am by no means an expert, this is just my opinion, not the gospel! So take from it what you will, but I hope you do gain at least a nugget of good information from this whole thing! All right, here we go!

[PS. This is in no particular order, every item is just as important as the others in the list.]

[PPS. Remember, this is a bare bones list of basics, you can add or subtract from your own basics as you wish!]



Everyone needs a good T-shirt in black and white, and in whatever shape and size fits them best. I prefer an oversized v-neck, since I find it to be the most versatile shape and it flatters my broad shoulders and tall frame nicely, but really as long as you have an amazing tee that fits you, any shape will do! If you have any old tees in your closet that you never reach for, donate them, get rid of them, you don't need that negativity in your life (or closet).

moto jacket and chucks


Ok, this is a DUH. And I'm sure I don't even need to tell you how a super skinny, stretchy, high-waisted, super dark, black skinny jean will be the most flattering and versatile pair of pants you own, but then, I just did! this is the pair you need, but I'll tag some affordable options too for you thrifty gals. But I promise you won't regret splurging on premium denim. You'll end up buying ten pairs of cheap jeans anyway so overall you'll spend more if you don't buy premium denim in the long run, ya feel me?!


Get these in any fit and any wash that you prefer. I only say medium wash because I feel as though it goes with everything and also is sliiiiightly less casual than a lightwash jean. Of course dark wash will always be the most slimming, but medium will always be the most versatile!

leather moto jacket


This jacket is my ride or die. I've had it for ever and I wear it often. Try, like 3-4 days a week... In my opinion real leather is superior to faux as it only gets more squishy and buttery as the years go by, and it will last forEVER. But I understand some of y'all are vegan, and if you prefer a synthetic material, I'm okay with it! I also have a few faux leather options in my collection. I'll tag a few of each down below.


I really love my Topshop denim jacket, unfortunately it is no longer available, but I do see it come back in stock seasonally on the Nordstrom website time and again! but there are so many other cute distressed styles out there these days, basically every retailer has their own version! Denim jackets will never go out of style and you can even wear them with jeans, you can literally wear them with anything. The darker the denim the more you can get away with. Lighter washes give off a more casual vibe!


I'm not going to lie, I have a whole section of these in my closet [I know, I know, this is one of the areas I'm working on]. I've tagged my staples though, these are my favs that never go out of stock and tend to be the ones I reach for the most. You'll find yourself wearing a white button up layered over a graphic tee with your leather moto jacket on top, or to your office job interview with a pair of slacks. There's no limit to how far you can take this piece!

7. LBD [Little Black Dress]

The little black dress. This dress in particular is without a doubt, hands down, my favorite item I own. It is the only thing I can throw on when I literally have NO CLUE what to wear out of the 34,987,349 items in my closet. This dress is magic, and I've work it to everything from a job interview, to a wedding, to the grocery store, to date night. It's seen the world I tell ya! So click on over to Nordy's and buy this dress ASAP. I promise it is worth every penny. If you hate this particular dress, just find another that you feel as passionate about. I won't judge you [too much] for not choosing my favorite. 


Stacked heel bootie

A comfortable heeled bootie is KEY. Hands down the most versatile shoe you'll own. If you don't have any, These are my die hards fa sho. They are shoes that look and act like a heel, but feel like a dream in comparison. I can wear my booties all day at work on my feet and not have to change into flats half-way through, which is saying something [low pain tolerance, hah!]. Make sure you own a pair that do you right, girl!


These are for when the heels fail you half way through the day. They feel great and look stylish, and they come in a million different styles so you can get whichever look suits you the best! Unfortunately the ones I showed in my video are no longer available but I linked some of the others I've tried and loved as well!


My favorite way to wear a black blazer is with an oversized graphic tee, faux leather leggings, my Nike's and a beanie. Sooooo... NO they aren't just for job interviews anymore. You can wear a blazer with anything, it will totally UP the cool factor of your casual looks! This one is my tried and true! I love that its oversized and a little more casual, yet you can throw it over a dress for a night out too! Obsessed!

We'll that just about sums up our time here today, and just in time too because this post is now VERY long. I had a lot of fun coming up with this series so I hope you enjoy following along! Make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page so you don't miss any of the articles to come.

If you'd like to watch my video further explaining my picks, here it is: 

Next up.... shoes!