Baby Girl's Baby Shower!


This past weekend my mom and sister hosted a baby shower for Baby F, and it was such a fun and special occasion! Unfortunately most of my family lives out of state, but most of my closest friends and (more local) family showed up to shower baby girl with love! Most people that know me personally know that I am super introverted and I really don't prefer to be the center of attention, I was opposed to having a shower for this reason, but I'm happy that my mom and sister persuaded me to have one. And thank goodness for them pulling the weight of the planning! I decided to post most of the personal photos on my private Facebook page for privacy reasons, also in case people didn't want to make an appearance on my blog. Here are some of the decorations and the highlights of the shower (pictures courtesy of my sister, Miranda!), everything was so cute! I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who showed up and to my mom and sister who put in so much time and effort planning and executing every detail of the party. Thank you all so much! 

These cupcakes took me a whole day to make! I was so worried they wouldn't taste good but they turned out much better (and more cute) than expected! 

See the plastic baby on top of the advice jar? My mom was taping them on everything. They were all over the place! Haha

Didn't get a whole lot of pictures with Dustin since he wasn't there for the majority of the shower, but he did show up to help with gifts! 5 o'clock shadow and all! 

I asked guests to bring books instead of cards, and I can't wait to read these to the baby when she's old enough! People wrote the sweetest messages inside. I loved reading them all! 

Thank you all for reading! I'll be doing one more pregnancy update before the baby is here, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Thanks for being patient with my brief break in posting, it's been a very busy week, and I'm still trying to come up with a good posting schedule that works for me!