38 Week Pregnancy Update

Whew! It has been a busy week, I have a big announcement coming up in the next few weeks that I can't share quite yet, but it will explain my absence over the past week or so! I promise I will share as soon as I am able to. I've been keeping super busy between weekly doctor's appointments, running a million errands a day trying to prepare and get all the last minute stuff that we need before the baby makes her appearance! We are officially to the point where I am considered full term at 38 weeks (actually 38 and a half as I write this!) and could essentially go into labor at any time. I'm due in two weeks, but I feel like the baby may be quite comfortable in there, I get the feeling she'll be closer to on time or even a little past the due date, we'll see! Our midwife was telling us that it is not uncommon for a first baby to show up fashionably late.

Dustin and I spent the WHOLE weekend in baby classes. No joke, they were 8 hour classes. We attended one class on birth and labor that was really informative, and then the next day we took a class on newborn basics which maybe could have been skipped... we ended up leaving 3 hours early anyway since my back was hurting too badly to continue sitting in the same spot for any longer. Yay? 

That brings me to symptoms, the back pain is not getting any better, in fact as the baby grows I think it continues to get worse and worse. Walking around helps a lot, as well as laying on my back, but that can be difficult since I've been experiencing some pretty bad heartburn. I literally always have Tums on me. My doctor gave me some stretches to try which help temporarily, but I think the only thing that will really make it better is having this baby. Fingers crossed! I haven't been having any more headaches since I've been making a conscious effort to stay super hydrated, especially as it's been getting warmer outside. Luckily that is the extent of it right now, besides having trouble getting out of bed or picking things up off the floor since my belly gets in the way. Luckily that's the extent of it! Still quite content and comfortable, just impatient to meet baby girl!

We FINALLY got her car seat set up and ready, I've packed a few things for the hospital just in case we end up going in early. I'm finally to the point where I feel like we have most of the baby things that we need for when she gets here. I know I'll be able to pick anything up that I might have forgotten, after she arrives. Dustin will start his two month paternity leave as soon as I go into labor as well so I'll have his support for any of that extra stuff. We're both super excited, anxious and more than READY to meet our little one! 

Now to end with some amazing products I've been using! If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen these already but as many of you don't I figured I'd put them up here as well! To start with, this Bella B body cream I've been using daily. It deserves a major shoutout since I'm OBSESSED with it to say the least. It is organic and smells AMAZING! The only thing I regret is not discovering it sooner since I suffered through most of my pregnancy using a gross smelling cocoa butter lotion. I have zero stretch marks which is mostly genetic but I also feel super comfortable and I know it's because I've made an effort to stay moisturized on the daily! My skin will get a little itchy and feel uncomfortable if I miss a day. I'm excited to place another order with them to try more of their products, but if you are currently pregnant definitely check this product out! If you aren't pregnant, they have plenty of other amazing products as well. Here's a link to their site: BELLA B

Another product I've been using for years is Bio Oil. I've been using this oil on my face every night for a long time and now that I'm pregnant I basically put it all over my body as soon as I get out of the shower. It makes your skin feel super soft and it is non comedogenic so it won't make you break out! I've heard it's great for lightening stretch marks or dark spots, since I don't have stretch marks I've been using it as a preventative method and I'm assuming it works since I haven't noticed anything yet, still got two weeks though, ahh! Either way this stuff is great and pregnant or not I think everyone needs to use it! 

Ok, that's it! Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I'll keep everyone posted via Instagram and Twitter if anything changes, so make sure you're following me in both places so you know when baby is on her way!