33 Week Pregnancy Update


It's been a minute since I've done an actual update so I figured it was time to pop in and let you know how things are going with baby F! 

We are officially deep into the third trimester with only about 7 weeks left until baby's due date, time feels like it's slowing down now that I'm not going in to work every day, but up until this point I feel like this pregnancy has flown by so fast I don't even know where the time went. I'm just trying to enjoy these two months off before the baby arrives and get in as much blogging and preparing as I can. 

I've been feeling decent. I've had it pretty easy through the first and second trimester, and now I feel like I'm catching up with all of the symptoms that I haven't experienced thus far. For the past few weeks I've been having pretty bad back pain, just on one side, and usually only when I'm sitting. It goes away when I'm laying on my side or standing up, which can be annoying sometimes because I can't always be laying or standing (ex: when I'm driving?! Ugh). This back pain can lead to some pretty intense headaches too which has been less than pleasant. On top of that, I've been having heartburn when I eat or drink anything besides water, yay. Tums have become my best friend, and I'll be so excited when this fun symptom goes away. 

Dustin has been helping me stay active by going on long walks with me down by the river near where we live... sometimes we may or may not get ice cream (does this defeat the purpose of a walk? Maybe...) haha he spoils me! Throughout my whole pregnancy we've also made it a priority to make all our food at home and only go out when absolutely necessary, or for special occasions. Dustin has been super supportive of making lifestyle changes to be healthier and to create healthy habits for after the baby is born. I hate to sound corny, but he is the absolute best support EVER! 

Everyone keeps asking if we have our nursery ready for the baby. The short answer is no. There are a few reasons why. Number one, we don't have the space. Currently our spare bedroom serves three purposes for us: my closet, Dustin's office, and a guest room. There is no extra space for baby furniture. The second reason we haven't made it a priority to change this room into a nursery is because it functions well for us currently and baby F won't actually be sleeping in a crib for the first months of her life. We have plenty of space in our room for a co-sleeper and any other necessities we might need. My mom picked up a changing table for us to use, and that's about all we can fit in our apartment furniture-wise. I know it can be easy to over-buy and over-prepare for new babies so for the most part, I've gotten the few things I need and the rest I'll get from my baby shower/order from Amazon Prime as I see fit! We'll be moving in December, and we're planning/hoping to find a place big enough for her to have her own room, so that will be when we get more furniture, etc for her. 

Clothes have been a struggle for me! I spent most of my pregnancy not gaining too much weight, in fact most people couldn't tell I was pregnant until my third trimester when I finally got a little baby belly. This was great and all, I only had one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity leggings that have gotten me through, but now I'm really feeling the hurt of not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, and the lack of clothes that I have that fit me. I don't want to buy maternity clothes with only a few weeks left to wear them so I've been shopping for flowier tops and dresses and things that will fit me now, that I can also get use out of after baby F arrives. Also, maternity clothes can be so expensive! Especially if you want to look somewhat normal and cute. There is plenty out there that I'd love to wear if it was more affordable and practical. So for now, I'll make do with stretchy t-shirts, cardigans, and whatever leggings and pants I can squeeze into. I've also discovered a couple of online boutiques like this one, that have some affordable maternity pieces that can also be worn after pregnancy so I've been doing a little bit of online shopping here and there.

The baby has doing fantastic! We see the doctor every two weeks now, and every time we go in she is measuring right on track for the amount of weeks pregnant I am. Hers and my heart rate have been exactly where they need to be throughout the whole pregnancy as well, and that hasn't changed recently either. The one thing I have noticed with her is that since she is now about 4 pounds and 18 inches long, her movements have been so much more noticeable. She still likes to hang out mostly on the right side of my body and poke me in the ribs which is slightly painful. I feel like she's moving all day long, when she takes a break for a second it is such a relief for me because (I hate to say this) but sometimes it can feel uncomfortable or even hurt a little bit because she is so crazy in there! I blame Dustin, he was the crazy baby. I was a calm baby! Who am I kidding though, it is also a very comforting feeling, if her movements are any indication of how healthy she is, we have a darn healthy baby in there! I can't wait to see what her personality is like when she arrives. We only have a few weeks left and I am just so ready to have her here already! I know I need to enjoy my free time for a little bit longer, but it's hard not to be impatient when you're getting kicks and pokes from your belly as a constant reminder of what's to come.  

If you all have any questions for the next pregnancy update post, leave them below or ask away on Instagram! I'd love to do a q&a style post for my next update.