18 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello! Long time no update. As many of you who follow me on social media know, I'm pregnant! I have been meaning to post more frequently on here, but I've recently started a new job and you know, blah blah, time got away from me, all those excuses. ANYWAY, I'm back now and I'm here to stay (hopefully).

I figured I'd begin my comeback with a little update on my pregnancy. I've noticed so many people have so many questions lately and a majority of the questions I get are the same from person to person. I decided to answer the most commonly asked questions in this post, so everyone can have an update all at once, and I'll continue to update into the third trimester as everything progresses and things change! So, enjoy the post, and please let me know if you have any other undying questions that I didn't answer, I can always add to this list later on! 





When did you realize you we're pregnant?

- I didn't have any "typical" pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, etc. About mid-October  I had been battling an extremely bad cold, accompanied by some intense fatigue. At the time I was working full time (if not more), and I am definitely not one to ever call out or leave work early but I actually got sent home one day because I looked extra sick. I didn't really have any reason to take a test besides the fact I just felt different, some people say you just know when you are pregnant and maybe that's what it was, who knows. I took a test that day when I got home and it popped up positive before I could even prepare myself for the results. Yay! 


How did you tell Dustin?

- I get asked this question a lot, and it's really not that exciting of a story. The day I found out, I waited a couple hours for Dustin to get home and told him on the way to dinner at our favorite ramen spot downtown, he was so excited! It was definitely fun to tell our family too, which happened on Thanksgiving, about a month later. Everyone has been super happy for us and very supportive! 


How are you feeling? 

- I get this question DAILY. I feel great! I am so fortunate to not have experienced any negative symptoms that a lot of people experience during the first trimester. The worst I had was fatigue early on, and some food aversions. I suddenly hated coffee, which was so weird for me. But I took the opportunity to quit caffeine all together, which I know isn't necessary, but why not? Now that I'm in the second trimester, I feel back to normal, no fatigue, and the food aversions are subsiding, although I still can't drink coffee. boo..


What at are you craving?

- Citrus EVERYTHING. Lemonade, orange juice, grapefruit, tangerines, lemon candy, etc. Carrots and ranch have been another daily prego staple. Really any veggies, for that matter! 


Can you feel the baby move? 

- Yes! I started to feel little movements around the 16 week mark, and they've only been getting stronger and more noticeable every week. our baby likes to hang out on the right side, which I guess is normal... that's where I usually feel the movement. Whatever floats your boat, baby! 


What is the baby's gender? 

- Big question mark! We won't find out for another two weeks. Dustin and I decided not to find out early, there are genetic tests now that allow you to find out the gender in the first weeks of pregnancy! Often times they are expensive and not supported by all insurances. We didn't really decide against genetic testing, we just haven't done any yet, and it wouldn't really change the outcome anyway! I will definitely announce if it's a boy or girl as soon as we find out!


Do you have any names picked out? 

- Yes, we do! We won't be sharing until the baby is here. Sorry! 


Do you want a boy or a girl?

- I just want a healthy baby! I've been having dreams that it is a boy, but everyone and their grandma seems to have an opinion on whether they think I'm having a girl or boy based off of cravings, symptoms, how I'm carrying, etc. I've noticed myself wanting to buy girl baby things more, but I think it's jut because there's much more out there and it's all so CUTE I just can't help it!


When are you due? 

- Due July 17th! If the baby is born on time, he/she will share a birthday week with my mom, dad, and Dustin! 


Thanks for reading! ❤️





My tiny 18 week bump

My tiny 18 week bump