Tips and Tricks for Shopping at Shein!

How to Shop at Shein Style by Julianne 2018
Shein Shopping Tips Style by Julianne 2018

Shein is totally one of those retailers that seems too good to be true. I can agree that it feels totally crazy that this website can get away with selling $10 t-shirts and $15 jeans, but if you’ve seen the targeted ads on your facebook, you know that this is a real thing. So the question is, how good is this stuff, actually? Will I really be getting what I see in the picture? How to I ensure that I order a quality item? Well, I’m here to answer all of those questions and more in this post! I get DM’s on Instagram whenever I share Shein pieces with questions about what I really think about shopping there, I hope in this blog post I can answer everything you’ve ever wondered about shopping at

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  1. Look for items displayed on a model.

    I try to only purchase an Item that is displayed on a person, not just a hanger. If I order an item displayed on a hanger, chances are I’ve seen the piece on another blogger or friend! You can check their Instagram pages @sheinofficial and @shein_us and view tagged pictures to view items on customers and bloggers. Their hashtag is #sheingals or #sheinus which should also bring up plenty of pictures featuring Shein items.

2. Check Instagram

Head to Shein’s Instagram page and check out the tagged photos! Also check out their hashtags (#sheingals #shein). I love to see how an item will look on a real person and not just in the styled stock photo on a retailer’s website, Instagram is a great resource for that. Also be sure to check out hauls and try-on’s from your favorite bloggers, I have a bunch saved in my “Shein” highlight on my Instagram profile page. I have found some of the best pieces by ordering items I’ve seen other people share in their Instagram stories!

3. Read Item Reviews

  1. This goes hand in hand with with the first tip! Read the reviews and look for the reviews with customer photos. This helps especially well with “One- Size” items. I tend to only order items that have amazing reviews with pictures attached.

    4. Pay Attention to Sizing

    Sizes are all over the place for each item on Shein. Grab a tape measure whenever in doubt and physically measure your body and compare to the detailed info they provide on their site. I tend to size up when I’m feeling unsure, but always measure if you’re on the fence! I’ve ordered items in my normal size that could fit a chihuahua so I always measure twice and reference their sizing before placing my order.

    5. Plan to Wait For Your Order

    Shipping can sometimes take a whilt, so expect to wait! Since items are coming from over seas, items can take anywhere from one week to three weeks to arrive, so don’t place an order with items you need ASAP, just in case it takes on the longer end of the spectrum to arrive. If I am ordering for an event or a shoot I will always order a month in advance to make sure that 1) the item arrives on time, and 2) I also have time to find a replacement in case the item is not what I expected. You can always expedite shipping if it’s super important as well! I have also gotten lucky and ordered items that have taken less than a week to arrive, it all really just depends by item.

    6. Returns are Not Necessarily Worth it

    There have only been two items total that I’ve received from Shein that have not worked out for me. I decided it would be easier to donate the items than deal with returns since I’ve heard returns can be a huge hassle and shipping costs tend to be more than the items price anyway, I have never actually experience it myself though. I have heard you can pay a few bucks for insurance that makes returns more affordable which is always an option as well! Returns are accepted 30 days from purchase, some items are non-returnable though so double check the fine print before ordering!

    7. Be Prepared for a Wrinkles

    This is where I give you the number one advice that you will ever get for online shopping from ANY retailer, not just Shein. INVEST IN A STEAMER. Items ordered online tend to come in a crumpled mess. Remove the wrinkles before you wear your online items out and about. I promise them they’ll look ten times better and higher quality than if you rock the wrinkles. This is the portable steamer I use. It’s super affordable and works like a charm, also fits well in a suitcase if you travel frequently!

Overall I have had pretty great success with my purchases from Shein! Items are affordable and on trend, great for the fashionista who likes to change things up seasonally without breaking the bank. I hope these tips help to make your Shein shopping experience fun and easy. If you have questions that I didn’t answer in this post, leave them in the comments below or shoot me a DM on Instagram.


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How to shop at Shein
Tips and Tricks for shopping at Shein