Our Blogger Trip! Pink Drink Recipe and Outfit Details!

We went on a girls trip this weekend and had SO much fun! I’ll be doing a full blog post about the beautiful resort we visited with lots of fun pictures but for now I wanted to get this post up to answer some of the questions I got on Instagram during our trip. I saved a highlight on my Instagram page if you missed out on the stories I posted over the weekend, head over and watch those after you read this post! I have never gotten more DM’s about a drink than I did this weekend after posting my neon pink Starbucks drink, and I decided since there was so much excitement about it that it certainly had earned itself space in a blog post. Y’all were just as excited about our blue car too, so I figured I’d share more about our weekend ride, and of course I have to share my outfit, enjoy!

Here’s my photo diary of the trip: Salishan Resort and Spa - The Hidden Gem of The Oregon Coast

My Pink Lily Outfit

We’ll start with my outfit because you guys have already been buying this sweatshirt like crazy and I am not surprised. I had to order it as soon as I saw it, and it does not disappoint in terms of quality and price point! Sweatshirt and jeans are both from Pink Lily Boutique and I basically could have slept in the outfit it was so comfortable! I have never had an issue with anything I’ve ordered from Pink Lily and these pieces were no exception, every year I like to stock up during the spring and summer because they get such cute pieces for the warmer seasons! Sweatshirt is TTS, and jeans I would size down since they’re so stretchy they definitely stretched out a little as the day went on.

Pink Lily Sweatshirt
Pink Lily Outfit

All of my Pink Lily favorites here:

The Blue Car

Let’s start with the #bigbluebeast. Yes we gave it a hashtag. A lot of people were asking if I got a new car, sorry no. I wish I could afford this thing, it was such a dream to drive! I was super fortunate to be able to test drive this beautiful SUV for the weekend, courtesy of Toyota! I nearly peed my pants when it arrived to my house on Friday, this baby was BRIGHT, but the color eventually grew on me and I actually ended up loving it. We definitely caught people’s attention everywhere we drove, and got more than a handful of compliments which was pretty fun! It was plenty of room for us to and our one million bags of luggage, photography equipment, snacks, etc. I loved driving it so much, I might actually trade my jeep in for one when my lease is up!

I picked up Gia and Linnea on Saturday and I felt like the coolest carpool mom, it was the running joke of the trip. I know, I’m hilarious. These beach pics we’re so unplanned, but some of my favorites from the whole trip! We drove down a random road trying to find a place to park and walk down to the beach and just happened to drive straight down a beach access road where we could drive right onto the sand! I told them both beforehand that I would NOT be driving on the beach in a car I didn’t actually own, but when it came down to it in the moment, YOLO. And I don’t regret it one bit (and we actually drove back down to the beach again at sunset that evening)!

Toyota 4Runner TDR Pro
Starbucks Pink Drink
Blogger Besties Beach Trip

The Pink Drink

Ok, the famous pink drink of the weekend. This isn’t your standard pink drink that you see every blogger post with. This is like it’s neon, crazy, step sister and I’m obsessed! Not only is it cute, it is a non-coffee drink that still has caffeine and tastes amazing! Kind of tart, but still sweet and super refreshing on a warm day.

This is what you ask for at Starbucks:

  • A Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

  • No water

  • Sub coconut milk

Pink Drink Starbucks

I’ll be posting a trip summary very soon, keep your eyes peeled for that! There may or may not be a super exciting giveaway in the post that you won’t want to miss so subscribe if you aren’t already. Thanks for reading!