The Best Amazon Designer Dupes

If you know me, you know I love good designer accessory! I used to be a firm believer of investing in shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories and saving money on clothes. It’s funny how things change when you become a stay at home mom and the income goes from two full time careers to one and suddenly it’s time for this shopaholic to get a little creative with the budget.

Welcome my newest hobby! Hunting down deals and dupes one Amazon! It helps that I have Amazon Prime, so I get the expedited shipping for most items, which means I get my items in two days which is sooo much better than loading up the baby to drive to the mall and spend an hour or two hunting down a good deal on the perfect item, am I right?! Plus Amazon has everything and more in stock for purchase, which means one stop shopping. I could go on for days. I just love Amazon so much! Invest in Prime if you love to shop like me, you won’t regret it, I promise! Keep scrolling to see my top Amazon designer dupes.

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Hover over the image above and click on each item for more details, or scroll down to see individual items and prices.

Chloe Faye (Large): $1,950 // Amazon: $85

Chloe Faye (Small): $1,390 // Amazon: $56

David Yurman: $495 // Amazon: $20

Gucci Belt: $450 // Amazon: $28

Karen Walker: $250 // Amazon: $10

Goyard Bag: $1,800 + // Amazon: $44

Celine Tote: $2,000+ // Amazon: $119

Comment below what you’re favorite Amazon dupe is! If I missed any, drop me a link. I love discovering new, great deals!