Amazon Fashion Favorites: Summer 2018

This has been such a long anticipated post! I have found so many amazing pieces this summer from Amazon and if you follow me on Instagram I've been sharing each item as I get them, but how much easier to just be able to shop ALL of my amazing finds in one place. I've rounded up all of the items I'm loving from Amazon in this blog post for your convenience! Yay!

Check out my friend Jenna’s post for take on Amazon shopping and her affordable fashion finds!

Ok, let's get started. 

You all know my obsession with woven bags this year so of course I had to take advantage of the amazing affordable options I found on Amazon. Here are the bags you've seen me carrying over the past couple months: 

Another trend I've been all over is the hats! They hide the "mom-hair" nicely and step up an outfit of basics instantly to the next level! Fedoras and panama hats have been the two styles I'm loving, but anything woven has my heart (as you've noticed) so if you have any other great hat suggestions, send them my way! Here are the ones I've been wearing non-stop. 

So fun sunnies have been super on trend this summer and I am loving all of the different affordable styles that are available, no need to shell out for the designer ones when there are identical dupes on Amazon! Here are the sun glasses I've found and have been on repeat this summer. 

Ok some last random things here, I wear this Gucci inspired belt at least once a week, and I recently found out that my favorite felt hangers are available on Amazon for cheaper than I've been able to find anywhere else and they include pant clips too! Woop woop! Check those out below

Hope you all enjoyed this first edition of Amazon fashion finds! I'm sure I will be doing a post similar to this every few months as I find more and more amazing pieces to order.  Let me know in the comments your best Amazon fashion find! I'd love to add more to my collection! 

Thanks for stopping by!