The Best Maxi Dress

Had to put a closeup of this necklace because I need you all to stop what you're doing and order it ASAP! It is by far my favorite necklace I think I've ever owned. I wear it almost every day, and it's super affordable. Click here to purchase, it's under $50! 

This definitely doesn't look as precarious as it felt! 

Ok so I don't normally wear maxi dresses since I'm 5'9" and they usually fit me a little too short, but despite the length on this one (which isn't as bad as some that I've tried) I am in love with this Pink Blush dress! It is SUPER comfy, like I want to wear it to sleep, comfy. The color is perfect, and it comes in a bunch of other colors if the olive green isn't your cup of tea! I decided to pair it with my favorite necklace because I love gold and olive green together! These yellow mules are perfect for giving a little height but are still really comfortable to wear when pregnant (or otherwise for that matter), and I love the pop of color they give to this outfit. My belly button is officially showing through my clothes now, although it hasn't "popped out" like many people said it would. I still have an innie, people! There's four weeks to go though so I guess anything can happen in that time.