Summer Whites

My belly button is starting to show haha and yes, I made the rookie mistake of hairband on the wrist. Oops!

I'm totally obsessed with this cute white dress! I'm all about wearing crisp whites in the summer, and this year I'm loving white paired with denim. I ordered this Pink Blush dress in hopes to get it in time to wear to my baby shower, sadly it arrived two days after. That's okay, I still have plenty of time to wear it this summer! The great thing about the maternity dresses from Pink Blush is that they can also be worn after pregnancy and not look like a maternity piece! I know I already talked about this in my last post with this brand, but it excites me that I won't have to store away any of these beautiful dresses that I've gotten from their boutique when the baby is born. I'm totally going to continue wearing them all for as long as I can get away with! All of you non-pregnant babes can get away with wearing these Pink Blush pieces, but I also made sure to link this dress down below, it's one of my favorite white dresses that I own that I wore all the time pre-pregnancy. It's currently on sale for under $50 too!. I've featured this denim jacket before, it's my favorite denim jacket that I've had for going on four years now, and I still pull it out at least once a week. I'm also repeating these espadrilles (ultimate shoes of spring/summer 2017), can't get enough of these babies! Price per wear, totally worth it. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! It finally stopped raining here in Portland, and I'm excited to finally be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!