Chenille and Ripped Jeans


Sweater: EXPRESS, Jeans: HERE, Shoes (sold out): similar and on sale HERE, HERE, and HERE  


This week has been extra busy, full of amazing events! I think since I started blogging this has been the busiest I've been between blogger meetings, the Create & Cultivate panel, and the Portland Fashion and Style Awards (in a few days), amongst others! I've been having the time of my life and I couldn't be happier that I've gotten the opportunity to be a part of these amazing gatherings. I've exchanged information with more creative entrepreneurs than I can count on my fingers and toes combined and I'm excited to cultivate these relationships and business partnerships! 


That being said, there has been much outfit planning and preparation going into this weeks festivities and I was happy on my off days to wear something a little more casual. Cue this fabulous chenille sweater! This cutie is SO comfortable, and comes in so many fun colors it was hard for me to choose! As most may know, I used to lean (heavily) toward only neutrals (namely, black) for essentially everything in my wardrobe, but when I became pregnant I had the opportunity to branch out with some fun maternity pieces because I knew they wouldn't be permanent staples in my closet. Needless to say, I wish they were! I had so much fun with color I decided to begin wearing more of it regularly, after my little one was born too. Color is so much fun and I realized it isn't something to be scared of. Also (SUPER IMPORTANT) there's no such thing as "I can't pull this color off" or "that color doesn't suit me" I don't believe in those sayings and I think if you like the damn color, wear the damn sweater! On the other hand I'm super guilty of saying things like "that color looks great on you!" or "this is SO your color" I guess I need to take my own advice and stop saying that since I really believe anyone can wear any color (except skin colored leggings, please don't wear those).  I get so many comments like that on Instagram, and nothing drives me more nuts. I think becoming a mom helped me to realize that you can essentially do anything and style is no exception (plus all modesty is gone anyway, so why worry about anything, especially something as significant as the color of your shirt?)


Once I overcame my irrational fear, when I stopped really caring what anyone else thought of my outfits, fashion became even MORE fun (didn't even know it was possible, honestly) and my wardrobe became more well-rounded and exciting. I wasn't looking at ten white shirts that all looked the same, or 25 pairs of black jeans. I got to look at my pieces and discover amazing colors and textures and prints, of course I still like my black jeans but I've added denim with more interest... distressing, embellishments, etc. And who ever knew that it is actually easier to create an outfit with color and patterns than it is an all black ensemble?! Yeah. I never would have know either. 

Ok, ok I'll get back to this outfit. 



I knew I wanted to jump on the Chenille trend ASAP. I've loved anything soft since I was a little one, my mom can vouch for this as she reminds me when I was young, once she felt a little hand tugging on the side of her velvet dress feeling the fabric. I've always loved interesting textures and fabrics so Chenille was a no-brainer, and I'm stocking up majorly so when they're no longer on trend I'll have back stock for a long time (haha).


I'm not going to lie, I saw this on a few people before I went to try it on. I wasn't sure if it would be TOO cropped on me since I'm a giant and often cropped sweaters show too much and defeat the purpose of keeping me warm, which is important in the Pacific Northwest. The color is AWESOME, and such a rich hue of pea soup (HAHA), I was instantly obsessed, I actually ordered the hot pink and the cream later on since they went on sale a day later.


These jeans are also from Express and although I ordered the tall thinking I was tall enough, I had to cut the hems to make them about a foot shorter (does my sarcasm translate through here?) so if you're shorter than a giraffe (5'9") order the regular length. The distressing is perfect though, just the right amount and the jeans are a really BLACK, black which can be hard to find sometimes. 


Sorry, the shoes went on sale and sold out in about 5 minutes, but I'll link some others that are almost identical and just as cute! But if you have yet to get a pair of leopard shoes this season, just pick up a pair already! It is such an easy, fun, statement trend that anyone can rock. Just do it. 

I guess I should stop rambling, I feel like my posts are much wordier in the AM when I'm working and drinking my coffee at the same time. Let me know your thoughts below, if you think anyone can wear anything they want, or if you just liked the outfit (or not) I want to hear from you!



Scarf:  here

Scarf: here

...and a cute baby to end the post.