Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

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What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Blog

Since I’ve been on my new blogging routine, I am fielding DM’s daily for how to start a blog, or how to stay motivated and disciplined when it comes to blogging. First off it is no easy task, I work pretty much every waking hour. What you put into it really determines what you get out of it, especially if you are running your blog as a business (or planning to)!

You Must Know Your Niche

What kind of content are you going to want to create daily for the foreseeable future? Do you already have content ideas for this topic? Will you be able to easily come up with more? It is so important to hone in on a niche that you can really be happy with and create content confidently that you are proud to share with your audience.

You’ll Have to Stick to a Posting Schedule

Pick a goal and stick with it! I’ve challenged myself to post 3 times a week on my blog and at least once a day on Instagram for a whole year. The Instagram part is easy as long as I am creating for my blog, I have an abundance of photos to share on social media. Consistency is key and success doesn’t come overnight. It takes hard work and long hours before you’ll see big results but the work will pay off if you stick with it!

You Are Your Own Boss

When you are your own boss, holding yourself accountable for efficiently getting things done is a huge reality. As a blogger you are your own boss and it is up to you how you spend your time! I have taught myself to really maximize the free time that I have to get as much done as possible in order to set myself up for success. You also have to be comfortable working alone. Blogging tends to be a one man show much of the time. I put in hard hours on my laptop every single day working on content, contracts, emails, etc. Be prepared for lots of solo work time!

You’ll Work for no Pay (At first)

Ok so I am still kind of in this category. I’ve recently been taking on more paid contracts and work but up until now (for a few years) I have worked for free. I don’t mean work for brands for free (value your time and energy), but put in the hours creating original content on the subject you are passionate about and eventually you will get rewarded for your effort. There is no magic button for getting rich from blogging, it may take a very long time to get your first sponsored post or make an affiliate check. I don’t take my time for granted since I am fortunate enough to not have to work a second full time job to make ends meet (thanks hubby) but it is not uncommon for most bloggers to work in conjunction with blogging full time before they’re able enough money to quit their job and pursue the blog full time! You really have to be passionate about blogging as a hobby before it will become your full time job.

You Have to be Obsessed With Blogging

Are you excited at the thought of researching SEO, social media and creating contracts? Having the energy for blogging where you are still excited to pull out your laptop after a full day’s work at your 9-5 and bust out another 5 hours researching and creating content is a must! My pasGoogle was (and still is) my best friend whenever I have a questions I can’t seem to solve from the standard trial and error. Staying hungry throughout the process will really help propel you into the success you seek! The energy and passion you start with is so important in creating success as a blogger but even more important as you become a more established blogger!

My passion for blogging really started when I began to research the unique career 5 years ago and my curiosity has only grown since then! People ask me all the time how to start a blog, it’s easy, just do it! Jump in head first! You’ll make mistakes and you’ll learn from trial and error, but ultimately you’ll become an expert because you’ve done it all from the ground up. I hope my tips help you in deciding if blogging is right for you and choosing the right time to jump into this exciting territory!

Thanks for reading!

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