Easy Ways to Support Your Blogger Friend!

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5 Ways To Support Your Blogger Friend

Blogging has become so mainstream these days, chances are you have a friend or two who has a blog. It can be so easy to overlook their career as it usually looks fun and effortless from the outside, but there is SO much going on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

I’ve realized after having my blog for almost four years, that I have some pretty awesome friends who know how to help me succeed and love to throw me a like or a share every once and a while. I’ve also realized that so many people don’t know how to support me and my business and that’s why I thought to make this post! There are many quick and easy ways you can support your friend who blogs (or even just your favorite bloggers you follow).

Keep reading for ways you can support your favorite blogger!

Read Their Blog

This small action makes a huge impact as blog traffic plays a major factor in earning brand collaborations as well as insight into what posts are most popular amongst readers. Leave comments on your friend’s blog posts and share them on social media! Hours and hours of hard work go into each blog post, the 2 seconds it takes for you to share a blog post on Facebook or Pinterest will not go unnoticed! While you’re checking out your friend’s blog, make sure to click around and spend some time on the different pages. This kind of traffic tells Google that their website is important and has relevant and interesting information, which in turn will help your friend’s site rank higher and lead to more organic discovery and traffic via search engine!

Use Their Links to Shop

The great thing about monetizing a blog with affiliate links is that there is no cost to the reader when they shop via these links! In fact, the only difference it makes is that the company you are shopping from gives a very small commission to the blogger as a reward for sharing the item. Why wouldn’t you want to kick a few cents to your friend for items you’d already be shopping for? This goes for anything too, a blogger gets commission from a reader using their affiliate links even if they aren’t buying the item being reviewed.

Blogging is so expensive, I put every cent I make from my blog back into paying to host my site, camera equipment, clothing, photographers, travel expenses, and all kinds of other expenses. Although I only earn a few cents when I sell something, those cents add up over time and help me continue to do what I love and share it with you all!

Subscribe to Their Newsletter

A bloggers email list is their pride and joy and also the key to much of their initial blog traffic following a new post! Subscribing to their newsletter not only shows that you care, but also allows you to keep up on recent posts and often times get additional information or freebies that your friend may not share anywhere else.

Be Supportive of their Spontaneous Photoshoots

Blogging is a 24/7 non-stop job for those of us who have decided to make it a career. This means you may have experienced your blogger friends pull out their camera to capture their outfit, or pop open Instagram stories to share parts of their day. This can be annoying or awkward in public but remember, your friend is “on the clock” 24/7 which means they have to share to keep their audience engaged and continue to make a living. Try to be understanding of your friends who do this, and maybe even offer to snap a photo of their outfit if you feel comfortable!

Offer Suggestions for Posts

There are no shortage of topics for blog posts or photo ideas for Instagram posts, but often times it can be tough to come up with an idea that readers want to hear about. There’s only so many OOTD’s one can read about before getting bored or going crazy. When you have a topic you’d like to learn more about or a question for your blogger friend, let them know! Odds are there are at least a handful of their followers who have the same question, and it can be hard to continuously come up with fresh ideas to blog about, especially for those of us who blog full time.

In conclusion, it is so easy to help your blogger friends and there are many ways you can contribute to their success. If you are unsure of how you can help, it never hurts to ask! There is no better feeling than when your friends show that they care by asking what they can do to support your ventures.

How do you support the bloggers in your life?

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