How I Maintain My Healthy Hair

I’ve been wanting to do a haircare routine on here for a long time! I’m including my favorite hair products that I use weekly, as well as some new products that I’ve recently fallen in love with, so stay tuned to hear about how I keep my hair shiny, and manageable!

*Although this post is not sponsored, some of the products mentioned were gifted to me by Kenra, all opinions are my own*

My Current Hair Situation

Right now the majority of my hair is my natural, non-chemical treated hair with the exception of a little residual blonde that’s slowly growing out but still prevalent on the very ends of my hair. I heat style my hair 4-5 times a week and I wash my hair every 2-3 days and in between if I need to use a dry shampoo, THIS one is the one I’ll use, although I try to stay away from dry shampoos as much as possible.

The Scary Truth About Dry Shampoo

Kenra Volumizing Dry Shampoo stylebyjulianne

Hair Products I Love

On a regular day I like to use a volumizing or moisturizing shampoo that is pretty mild and not super heavy on the sulfates. I rotate between a few brands including Joico and Wella, but currently I’m using this Kenra Volumizing Shampoo and conditoner. Once a week I use the new Kenra Deep Detox Scrub to really get my hair squeaky clean and remove any residue of product build-up or pollutants that have collected on my hair. This clarifying shampoo smells so amazing and the activated charcoal really scrubs your hair cleaner than it’s ever been. It’s my new favorite hair product! I like to use the Detox & Deflect Conditioner after because it is extra hydrating and has the diamond dust to further protect hair from outside pollutants. I always look forward to using these two powerhouse products because after my hair is dry and styled it is SO shiny, soft, silky and I can be confident that it’s protected for the rest of the week! It seriously feels like salon fresh hair. That’s why I want to share it with you all! I am obsessed!

Detox and Deflect Kenra stylebyjulianne 1
Kenra Deflect & Detox @stylebyjulianne

Styling Products I Love

To dry my hair I love using the Kenra Blowdry Spray. This product works magic for cutting down drying time and smells sooo good! Sometimes I spritz it on my hair when it’s already dry to add a little shine (and I love how my hair smells when I use it). I always dry my hair on the warm, not hot setting as to minimize damage and since I’m using the Blow Dry Spray my time is cut down significantly anyway, so I can turn the temp down on my hairdryer and not worry about it being too time consuming.

Blow dry Spray Kenra stylebyjulianne

This is the hair dryer I use, it has a Ferarri engine, no joke! And this is my favorite round brush for the perfect, voluminous blow-out. This is the hair straightener I use to curl my hair, that is not a typo… I do prefer to use a flat iron to create curls, I feel like they hold much longer and create more of a consistent curl. Plus it’s easier for me than using a curling wand.

Hair Tools I Love

Lately I’ve been curling my hair pretty much every day, and since my hair is so fine and super shiny/silky after using the detox products, I like to spritz a little dry shampoo onto my hair (not at the root, just mid to ends) in order to give it a little more texture and help the curls stick better. Do this very sparingly, if you use too much your hair will become unmanageable in the worst way.

I like to use this drugstore hairspray, but since I’ve been using this new Kenra line of products I’ve also been trying out the Diamond Deflect Hairspray, and so far it’s pretty awesome! It’s a medium, flexible hold like my drugstore fav, and has an amazing scent which is a must for me when it comes to hair products. Also the diamond dust in the spray adds another layer of protection onto my hair!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to let me know if you try out any of these products and what you think!


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