My Makeup Routine: Products I'm Currently Loving!

I posted this image on Instagram and got an overwhelming response of people wanting me to post a detailed blog post of the items I use on a daily basis! So here it is, my daily makeup routine! Click HERE to skip the blog post and see my makeup favs in collage form. I am by no means a professional makeup artist, but I am a licensed esthetician with some light training in makeup application. Makeup is more of just a personal hobby for me, and I have lots of fun playing around with looks on myself! Keep reading to see what I use and what I love about each product! 

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This Smashbox primer is my all time favorite primer, I have some very large and visible pores on my cheeks as well as fine lines on my forehead and this stuff really is the best primer I've found that actually makes my face looks flawless, I just put it on my T-zone area and top of my cheeks.

I've also been trying out this primer, and loving it as well! It seems to work pretty well, and has a really beautiful, subtle scent to it. 


I'm used to only be a high-end foundation kinda gal, but lately I've been all about the affordable, drugstore products and foundation is no exception! I've found a couple of amazing formulations that are comparable to some expensive designer brands I've used in the past. I have a whole post here from last year reviewing my favorite daily foundation, it's from L'Oreal and I still use it daily!

Another even more affordable [believe it or not] foundation I'm loving for days when I don't need as high coverage is this one right here. No joke, this stuff feels as luxurious as Georgio Armani, although it definitely is quite sheer, it is also very buildable which I love! Nothing better than a versatile foundation. 

A new CC cream I've recently started using on days where I really don't feel like wearing makeup but also don't want to scare people when I leave the house is this stuff! It has a built in serum with anti-aging qualities, it goes on so silky smooth and feels like your wearing nothing, but also has amazing coverage for a CC cream. It's a little pricey but comes with a lot of product in the bottle and a little goes a long way! I've applied it with my fingers, a brush, or a sponge and they all work since it is more of a moisturizer than a foundation. I love the versatility of this stuff! 


So, like every other female who's tried makeup, I could go on all day about how amazing this Tarte concealer is, and although I believe you should DEFNITELY try it if you haven't, everyone's heard about it a million times. What if I told you there's a comparable Colourpop concealer here available for a fraction of the price and works just as well [some may argue it's ever BETTER] than Shapetape?! Not lyin' pick this stuff up ASAP. Of course I still use [and LOVE] Shapetape, but as a daily product the affordable dupe wins out most mornings. 


Another duo of products I've used for years, and wholeheartedly swear by. I'll start with this illuminating under eye powder. Nothing seems to brighten up my under eye area better than this stuff, and it really fights the creasing effect that can happen after concealing if you forget to set or use the wrong product to set. This one is flawless for me every day! It also hasn't proven to have a flashback effect when I take photographs (key for a blogger) and doesn't look cake-y like some white/luminous powders can.

I also love to use it's big sister to set my face makeup. This powder is one I always go back to. Every time I try to branch out and try something new, I come RUNNING back to my tried and true, so I've given up even trying anything new anymore haha! 


Ok, so there are contour products out there that you can purchase, but did you know that the term "contour" is actually referring to a method of application and not an actual product itself? You can use ANYTHING. YOU. WANT. to contour your face with! I have a few bronzers that I love to use to contour with and I switch between them depending on how I feel on any given day and they range from designer, high-end all the way down to the most affordable drugstore brand and I love them all equally! I use this one for special occasions, it is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way, it smells AMAZING, and has staying power for all day events or long date nights!

This one is my daily go-to if I'm just working or running around town with friends or doing errands or something. Feels weightless on the skin and has a really pretty matte and flawless/seamless finish. It is a powder but it feels almost like a cream on the skin, very decadent! I reach for it probably the most out of all of my bronzers.

The most recent [and most affordable] bronzer I've been trying out is this one right here! It is in a stick form which I know is pretty common for contour products these days, and I know I'm probably just late to the trend but it is the first I've tried of it's kind and I'm obsessed! It is so easy to use, isn't orange-y or shimmery at all and best of all it doesn't break the bank, it is so affordable! Love!


If you follow me on my other social media channels, you've heard me rave about this stuff, it's a new addition to my collection, but I have been using it on the daily! It has a very finely milled shimmer to it, which I don't normally gravitate to shimmery face products, but this one was formulated so beautifully I actually really love it! It gives off a subtle hint of glowiness, which makes you the perfect shade of sun-kissed and it couldn't work better on my skin tone!

An all time forever favorite of mine is this one, which I know is also a cult favorite so I don't need to say much about it, but this stuff looks beautiful on every person I know who has tried it. I think I'll just leave it at that! 


You all know about this one here [which is a staple for me], but can we pause and talk about this one from Colourpop that's only 8 freaking dollars?! YES. 8. DOLLARS. And it is amazing! Super finely milled, not glittery at all, but absolutely show stopping, while still applying seamlessly and smoothly! I could not love it more. I you have no money like me, stop by Colourpop and grab it right now. Plus it's vegan and cruelty free! Can't beat that.


This color will always be my tried and true. I think I wore it every single day in 2016 and I still return to it when I need the perfect subtle pink-y nude lip.

Another lippie that I love that is still a pink-y nude, with a little more tan in it is this one right here, it goes on SO smooth and feels very moisturizing!

This high-end one is vegan/cruelty free and an absolutely stunning formulation. So creamy and beautiful, feels extra lux, and looks amazing. The perfect nude lip! Can you tell what color I like my lips to be yet? LOL


I'll just list the ones I'm currently loving since they are all amazing and they all moisturize my lips really well:


Rose Salve

Dr. Bronner's in "Naked"

Korres in "Jasmine"

EYE Products: 

MAC will always be my true love for shadows, this little palette is perfect if you're just starting out and want a nice range of shades that are easy to work with! I love this from MAC as an eye primer, it works better than a standard eye primer which tends to crease on me midday. It also does a great job of hiding veins or any discoloring you may have on your lids. Gives you a great blank slate to work with for applying shadows over!

If you know me, you know I love a good winged liner! My go to liquid liner is always going to be this one, so easy to apply and get a really sharp wing with, which is so key! 

I've also been trying out this one recently, love the formulation and seems like it lasts pretty well, so far so good! 

As far as mascaras go, I'm a HUGE fan of this stuff, I feel like every female on the planet has tried it and loved it at some point in their life! Another one by the same brand that is definitely worth trying out, is this one. It sure seems like they figured out the secret to making BOMB mascaras, because they keep coming out with new FIRE formulations! 

I recently got a sample of this one by It Cosmetics, and I think I have a new favorite. I hate spending a ton of money on mascara so I don't tend to branch out often, but since it was a free sample I thought, what the heck?! Well, now I'm addicted and going to have to re-purchase once my little baby sized sample runs out because this product is amazing. It doesn't clump which is a huge issue that I seem to have with every other mascara, because of it's non-clumpiness it goes on super smoothly and separates and lengthens in just one coat [of course I always do more, because I'm extra like that]. Overall, amazing product. 

BROW Products:

I feel weird admitting this considering how much everyone seems to be obsessed with eyebrows over the past couple years, but I am so low maintenance with my brows, I have only actually ever used one product... I guess I am just lucky it is the first product I tried on my brows and it is the only one I've felt I ever needed?! I say yes. A little goes a LONG way with this little thing, I think I've had the same pot for over a year and I'm just needing to re-purchase. I do my brows every day so it has really lasted a long time! I love the color blonde since it is not too warm but also not too ashy, perfect for my light brunette hair and fait skin. I don't like to be overpowered by a super strong brow and I love how with this stuff it is easy to control the level of intensity you're going for. 


Soooo I'm not sure this stuff is even made to be a setting spray, but that's what I use it for [amongst many other things as well] and it is one of my holy grail items! I even keep one in my bag for when I go hiking in the summer as a mid hike cool down spritz, and it is like heaven in a bottle and for only like $7?! You can't beat that, friends. I think I have at least three bottles at any given time all over my house, in my car, in my bag, etc. I am addicted to this stuff!

When I need something a little more hard core, I choose this one. Although I'll always love my Mario Badescu, it doesn't always hold up for those late nights, or long events. Urban Decay always comes in clutch, it's just not as practical for daily use! I'll always have both on hand though!  


No face sponge compares to this one, and I won't let you try to convince me otherwise. It seems expensive for what it is if you haven't used it yet. You will never understand or be able to justify it until you actually get your hands [and face] on it. I promise you once you do, your makeup game will be forever changed. Make sure you use it damp, and make sure you keep it cleaned after each use. You can use it for foundation, concealer, powder, cream bronzer, it basically pays for itself with how versatile it is! 

Whew that was a doozy! Kudos to you if you made it through to the end! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about anything I may have missed, or further specifics about any of the products I mentioned. If you're curious about a different product that I didn't mention let me know below, you never know I might be willing to do a "Try it out Tuesday" review post on some new stuff! I always love trying new makeup. 

As always, thanks for reading!