"My Makeup Brush Set" [an Honest Review+Video]



10 Piece Oval Brush Set

I was given the opportunity to partner with "My Makeup Brush Set" and try out a popular line of their cosmetics brushes. I was skeptical since I was being sent an unknown set of brushes in return for an Instagram post, which I don't usually do but it just so happens I was already in the market for new makeup brushes so their email came at the perfect time! 

***Feel free to scroll to the bottom if you'd prefer to just watch my first impressions VIDEO on the experience of trying them out for the first time!***


I was pleasantly surprised with the set they chose to send me. I was totally expecting something fun and crazy (if you see their range of products, you'll know why!) but I was sent a set of 10 oval brushes, which was a nice surprise and frankly a relief, since I was hoping to receive something that I wouldn't mind displaying in my bathroom that looked somewhat nice and not over the top unicorn, rainbow, sparkly, or shiny, whatever-ness.

I've never used oval brushes before, although I know they've been quite trendy over the past couple years. I'm not going to lie, they felt weird to use... but after a couple tries I began to get the hang of the technique! 

I do have to say, I don't think I'll be using the eye shadow brushes much, I found the shape of them to be cumbersome and awkward. It was hard to intentionally place product for intricate looks, but if you tend to use just one color all over the lid they could work fine. They just weren't my favorites!

On the other hand, the foundation, contour, and other face brushes were fantastic! The shape of the handles made application easy and comfortable (although they did feel a bit flimsy/cheaply made). I found that the amount of individual hairs on each brush made for an extremely flawless finish with no visible brush strokes which is KEY for me, and the reason behind why I primarily only use a beauty blender these days to apply face makeup. The density of the brushes also made blending very easy. I was concerned that since they were so dense that they might rub off the products underneath whatever I was attempting to blend (blush, contour, etc.) but this wasn't the case at all! They feel gentle on the skin and blend products seamlessly together for a very natural finish without removing any previously applied products. 

To back up a little bit, one thing that I love about this brand is that they are cruelty free and use 100% synthetic fibers in their brushes which I think is FANTASTIC. Finding a set of brushes that is synthetic, and WORKS WELL is a challenge. For the price of the brushes, I was skeptical and honestly not expecting to fall in love with them, but I ended up loving them! 

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