My Favorite Self Tanner!
Click  HERE  for this cute beach bag!

Click HERE for this cute beach bag!

When you think of a sunless tanning product a lot of different things come to mind... will it smell weird? Is it time consuming to apply? Will it make me orange or streaky? Will I have to rinse off before I can leave the house? I am not the hugest fan of tanning products because usually there are a few reasons that I dislike almost every brand that is out there (and trust me I think I've tried most of them). When I discovered Tanceuticals of course I was skeptical. My sister actually recommended the product to me so I decided to reach out to the company to test the products out myself. Spoiler alert: I LOVE THEM! 

I was sent the CC self tanning body lotion and CC self tanning face lotion in "dark" and a mitt for application. These lotions are the least offensive smelling tanning product I've ever smelled. In fact, they smell just like a coconut lotion that you'd get from Bath and Body works, no chemical undertones what so ever! For this reason you don't need to rinse off after application since the product absorbs right into the skin, leaving no residue and no gross smell. 


To prepare for application I made sure to exfoliate and shave so the product would apply evenly, also, no moisturizer before applying the tanning product. The mitt makes for super easy application and the consistency of the lotion allows for a streak-free, effortless application. I apply before bed and sleep in baggy clothes, in the morning once the tan is fully developed I'll moisturize on top of the tan and then I'm good to go! It lasts about a week if I moisturize daily. So far I've been using Tanceuticals once a week and I've gotten multiple questions about my natural looking tan! It literally looks like I've returned from a week in Hawaii, I love it! I'm super fair and the dark color worked perfectly for me. I think the ultra dark would even work on my skin tone as well since the color formulation is so thought out and flawless. The products are versatile for any skin tone!

Right now everything on their site is on sale, so it is the perfect time to give them a try, even at full price they are affordable as far as tanning products go, and you won't regret the purchase either way!

I'd love to hear if you've tried Tanceuticals before and what you think, let me know in the comments below.