Getting My Summer Glow On

I think I'm the only 20-something-year-old girl on the planet who doesn't love highlighters. I've just never been into the shiny face, disco ball look. I haven't really given highlighters the time of day until I discovered Becca's Champagne Pop, which I shattered on the floor after a couple months (so depressing) needless to say I haven't felt the urge to shell out the hard earned cash to replace the product. I've always been interested in Marc Jacobs beauty products, but never quite ready to bite the bullet and put down a pretty penny for the pricy cosmetics line, but recently I got the opportunity to try their new Coconut Dew Drops Gel Highlighter from Influenster. Let me tell you, it has changed my mind about highlighters and it has changed my mind about holding off on trying other Marc Jacobs products. SO. WORTH. IT. The packaging, and gel formula makes it different than any other highlighting product I've ever seen in Sephora, and I was pleasantly surprised overall by the product. Here's why:

1. The scent

SO key when it comes to any cosmetics I put on my face/near my nose. Sometimes a gel or liquid-y product can have an offensive or chemically scent which is such a turn off. This product smells heavenly! Just like a real coconut, but more subtle and nice. Spot on Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs Coconut Drops Gel Highlighter Influenster Review

2. The consistency

This product is in gel form, which is so nice for a highlighter, it blends in seamlessly to any other products you may be using. It is very lightweight and a little goes a long way. I've been applying it by mixing it with my foundation for a subtle, natural, dewy look. I also tried it on top of my face makeup to see the difference, and it was definitely a stronger highlight look, but not overpowering, and still very natural looking. I love wearing it both ways depending on my mood! 

Marc Jacobs Gel Highlighter Swatch Influenster Review
Marc Jacobs Gel Highlighter Swatch on Skin Influenster Review

3. The packaging

I've heard from some others that they aren't too keen on the packaging, but I actually find this particular package a definitely plus. The product comes in a glass bottle (boasting a generous amount of product, I must say), and has a pump applicator which is simple, spill-proof, and eliminates the unnecessary mess caused by a tub, or a tube of product. The pump top also makes it easy to dispense the correct amount of product for application. PLUS, it looks really pretty and minimalistic like all of Marc Jacobs other beauty products. Win, win!

Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops Gel Highlighter Influenster Review

Overall, I love this stuff and I can't wait to try more Marc Jacobs products, let me know in the comments if you have a particular favorite by the brand that I should try. Also, I'd love to hear about your highlighter favorites since I am a believer now, I want to try some other brands that you all love!


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Products for this blog post provided by Influenster, and Marc Jacobs. All opinions are my own.