Summer Makeup Favorites

Hello, again! This is a post I've been wanting to do for a long time, I just knew it would be slightly time consuming and long but I finally found the time, so here it is! 

I've been so excited to discover some really great cosmetics over the past couple months. It has taken me a long time to perfect my daily routine, and find a combination of products that work well for me in terms of making my skin look great on a day to day basis as well as long-term. I've been branching out to use brands that I've never used before, and combining them with holy grail items that have been in my collection for years! These are just a few of the products I've been obsessed with lately. I'm only including my top favs, obviously I'm leaving out some of my daily items only because I don't consider them holy grail items, and I switch them out on a regular basis (eyeliner, shadows, blush, etc.) 





To start with I'd like to highlight (no pun intended) Becca cosmetics. Obviously Becca has become a cult favorite very rapidly over the past year and of course I can't resist a trend so I gave it to a try to see if their products lived up to the massive hype surrounding them. I started of with their most popular highlight Shimmering Skin Perfector in none other than Champagne Pop. This creamy powder gives a peachy warm "glow from within" affect, and is formulated without parabens, no complaints there! It is a powder but applies as if it were a cream, leaving a very natural glowy look. I have to say this product more than lives up to it's major popularity. I was advised to go with a different color due to my warm undertones, but Champagne Pop works great for my skin tone and I haven't met a person yet who's tried it and not loved it!



On to another Becca product, this one was purchased by total accident but quickly became a staple in my daily routine! I went into Sephora originally to purchase the Becca Undereye Brightening Corrector, and somehow got this instead. Luckily, it ended up becoming a favorite and a product I'll be re-purchasing over and over, I'm sure. The Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme is a thick consistency, heavy coverage concealer, that brightens as well as conceals. I feel it is best used only on the under eyes as it can look really cake-y if you aren't careful, but the coverage is the best of any concealer I've ever used and we all know ain't nobody got time for dark circles, I sure don't. Becca definitely gets 5/5 stars for my summer makeup routine! 



Ok, so this post is definitely out of order for how I apply these products, but whatever. I HAVE to mention Too Faced. I discovered Too Faced cosmetics last year when I was in Bellevue for a weekend trip, I dropped my bronzer on the floor in the bathroom of my hotel and it shattered into a million pieces. Once again I frantically ran to Sephora and grabbed the first product I could get my hands on, I definitely believe that the packaging played a part in my discovery of this brand. If you haven't seen what it looks like, please, go check it out. It is SO CUTE. There are heart shaped blush compacts, brightly colored lipglosses, cute names, etc. And beyond packaging, the formulation of everything I've tried by Too Faced is PERFECTION. 



The Too Faced Born This Way foundation has been sold out at my Sephora for a long time, but I finally got my hands on it and it is hands down the best foundation I've ever used. I've been on the quest for a foundation that works for me and I feel like I've tried everything, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this stuff! When applied with a damp Beauty Blender, your skin will look and feel baby soft and flawless. It looks like you don't have anything on at all! It leaves a dewy slightly matte finish and obviously when you have the correct color for your skin tone it matches with your skins natural texture. The best news about the foundation is that it comes in 18 colors so there is a match for every skin color! I've heard great things about the Born This Way concealer as well, so I'll be picking it up on my next trip to the mall.

Get ready to hear a lot about Too Faced haha! This is another product that was sold out for a long time, always a good sign, which is why I pursued it until I found it! The Primed and Poreless powder is AHHH-MAZING. Especially when used in conjunction with the previously mentioned foundation. If you have any pores on your face that show after using foundation, this literally erases any trace of them. I have huge pores so this is a must for me. The only downside to this product is that I've somehow already hit pan after using it for just under a month which wouldn't be an issue but for the price of $30, I expect to use it for a decent amount of time before having to shell out some $ to replace. Unfortunately I've fallen in love with this product so regardless of the cost-per-wear, I will be re-purchasing this one again.

 I don't even know where to begin with this stuff. Obviously by the state of the packaging this little one has been used to death and I'm just about ready to replace it for a fresh compact. This is the exact same one that I purchased on my little trip to Bellevue that I mentioned earlier and is the product that began my obsession with everything Too Faced. In comparison to the longevity of my Primed and Poreless powder, this little guy has been going strong for over a year and there's still plenty left! The Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is by far my favorite item from this brand. It is the perfect matte brown color, and can be used all over your body wherever you need a little contour or want to accentuate. I love that there is zero shimmer and zero orange undertones, it makes this bronzer a multi-purpose product as you can give yourself a little color but carve out a fantastic contour. LOVE. 

Whew, almost done! These last few are some tried and true items that I've had in my collection for a long time, but have worked with me and for me for just as long, and I don't forecast them going anywhere anytime soon!




This next product is another cult favorite, but I like to think that I was the first to discover this amazing stuff. The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder is one of those products that you don't think you need until you try it and then you find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it. This stuff is magical. I use this brightening powder under my eyes to amplify my concealer and really make sure that I get the super "awake" look even if I'm not feeling it (haha secret weapon!). I know it is not recommended to use all over the face since it has a pearly white tone, but I have definitely also used it as a highlight in a pinch! 





I used to solely use MAC when I was just starting out with makeup years ago, but it's definitely phased out of my collection in a big way besides lipstick and this little guy. Even though I may not use MAC foundation or powder anymore, I will ALWAYS include this  in my collection. The color I use is Painterly, and although I don't always wear eyeshadow, I will always put this on my eyelids to cover any darkness since my skin is so light, it instantly brightens up my whole face and makes my hooded eyelids look more open. As an eyeshadow primer, this stuff is better than anything labeled "eye shadow primer" that I've tried in the past. Underneath any shadow this will eliminate creasing 100% and it also amplifies the pigmentation in any colored shadow. It also comes in a range of colors (I've only ever used Painterly).  A++ in my book!





Ok, the one drugstore item that is a constant for me is this mascara. I feel like if you know anything about makeup I don't even need to say why this stuff is so amazing. You already know! The formulation is perfection, the wand is lengthening and separating, it doesn't clump or flake, it is just amazing. If you haven't tried it, TRY IT. End of story. 







We're at the end!

....I do have an honorable mention product that I just discovered this past week, and I don't think I can consider it a full fledged favorite since it hasn't gone through all of the trials yet, but as I've used this over the past week it has definitely grown on me in a big way.



I'll keep it short, but I think this stuff deserves a little back story. I have never, I repeat NEVER used a face primer religiously. I never really understood the purpose and everything that I had tried never seemed to make any difference in the wearability of any product I used over the top of it.

I recently subscribed to Sephora Play, and I've been having fun trying out some new products. I got this Smashbox Photo Finish primer in my July box, and so far it is fantastic! I've always had an issue with my foundation slipping off throughout the day since I work long days and don't have time for touch-ups. I get weird greasy spots on my face (ew, sorry) and no primer has ever helped.... until now! This stuff cures all of my work-makeup woes and then some! It does a fabulous job of evening out any texture issues that my skin has, is blurs my big pores and it keeps my foundation even and matte throughout my entire work day! 

I've been so excited about my Sephora Play subscription, most of the products I've received over the three months that I've gotten it, I will be purchasing when the deluxe samples run out. It's by far the best subscription box I've tried (and I'm pretty sure I've tried them all lol).

WOW. If you've stuck around this long, snaps for you! Thank you for reading, and hopefully you've discovered some new products from this post, or are inspired to try some of my favorites that you may have previously been hesitant on trying. 


Please comment below any of your summer favorites that I should try! I'm always looking for new favs, and I love a good reference :) 


xo Julianne